Tennis Sweater (Butter)


The Tennis Sweater is deliciously soft, you wont want to take it off. Perfectly oversized, this slouchy sweater is part of a matching set including our Tennis Shorts and Tee.

  • Imogen & Eden wear a size S
  • Printed logo
  • Ribbed cuffs and and collar
  • Slightly oversized fit
  • 100% Cotton

Model is 175cm & Wearing a size S.

The Tennis Sweater is designed to be a relaxed fit.

Washing & Drying Cotton
Cotton is a natural fibre, which means that it can shrink. To help prevent that, we pre-wash some of our garments – but it can still occur. When washing your cotton garment, always refer to the care label, wash as directed (below 30°C).

Dry cotton garments at room temperature as tumble drying can lead to excessive shrinkage. Avoid storing and drying cotton items in direct sunlight.

We recommend that you iron your cotton garment – this helps it revert to its original shape and softness. However, take care to not iron prints or embroidery and always iron the product inside out to help prevent the colour from fading over time.

To prevent weightier pieces losing their shape, we recommend storing them folded rather than hanging – that includes sweatshirts and hoodies. Lighter pieces like T-shirts can be kept on hangers as it’ll help prevent creasing. Do not force the garment onto the hanger through the top as it will stretch the neck and ruin the shape. Always of in from the bottom of the garment.
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