Welcome to the darker side of milk chocolate. We've lovingly blended the full flavour of Dominican Republic cocoa beans with the best local organic milk. 

"We try to do the simple things really well. This 48% organic milk chocolate uses only five ingredients and is free of any nasties. As far as milk chocolates goes, this is not a sugar bomb, nor too bitter, just right (a 'Goldilocks Chocolate' if you will). The Dominican Republic Trinitario beans give this bar a classic chocolate character, fudge, and brownie-like. We have been continuously tweaking this bar over the years and recently found a better cocoa butter to include." - Gabe Davidson WCF's founder

48% Cacao. 75g Bar.

Chocolate details:
Dominican Republic Conacado Co-operative Trinitario cacao beans.
Fairtrade organic milk chocolate.

All of our chocolate is Fairtrade, and made from organic ingredients where possible. 

Allergen Statement: May contain traces of dairy, oats, malt (from barley) & gluten, tree nuts, peanuts, or sesame seeds.

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